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Intruder alarm systems

Swansons provide design, installation and maintenance for intruder alarm systems and are SSAIB certified. Our engineers can advise on a security system that will meet your home or business requirements.

Swansons offer both monitored and unmonitored systems that will ensure the security of your home or business by monitoring, detecting and deterring unauthorised entry.

Depending which type of system you choose, we can:

  • arrange a response service with your local police force
  • confirm alarm activations using your CCTV system
  • sound an audible warning to prevent vandalism and further unwanted entry
  • connect intruder alarms to other security systems, including CCTV, panic alarms and hold-up alarms to maximise security

Swansons also offer intruder alarm maintenance contracts for your new or existing system, this includes 24/7 on call support from our reliable engineers.


Fire alarm systems

Swansons specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of fire detection and fire alarm systems for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. 

Our engineers can advise on a suitable fire safety system for your premises. For example: 

  • Fire alarms that are activated by ‘breaking’ the glass in a manual alarm call point  
  •  Automatic fire alarm systems with zone indication, which can help buildings be evacuated safely and minimise damage by pinpointing the location of the fire 
  • Detectors for smoke, heat or carbon monoxide  
  • 24/7 alarm monitoring systems that alert an alarm receiving centre (ARC) so that emergency services can be contacted immediately in the event of a fire  
  • Upgrades or maintenance to your existing fire detection and alarm system 

Your Swansons engineer will assess your premises to determine the number and type of detectors required to comply with industry standards and ensure the safety of the residents of your building

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CCTV systems

CCTV is essential to protect and secure domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. We are SSAIB certified and our experienced security engineers will work with you to design, install and maintain an appropriate CCTV system to keep your premises safe.  


Swansons CCTV services include:  

  •  Bespoke internal and external CCTV systems, designed specifically to protect your home or business 
  •  24/7 real time recordings with high-definition playback for accurate surveillance and analysis  
  •  Single static cameras  
  • Monitored CCTV systems with remote connectivity using a monitoring centre 
  • Maintenance plans to ensure your new or existing CCTV system is up to date with industry standards  

Access control systems 

Swansons access control solutions will keep your premises, assets and employees safe by minimising the risk of trespassing or theft.  

Swansons experienced security engineers can work with you to design and install a fully Integrated access control or door entry system to meet your security needs. For example:  

  • Control and authorise access into your premises  
  • Restrict access based on time and zones within the premises  
  • Manage time and attendance of employees or visitors  

Swansons systems can be adapted or enhanced to increase the areas covered by access control if required. We also offer full maintenance plans to ensure your system continues to work effectively.  

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TV reception systems

Swansons design, install and maintain terrestrial and satellite TV reception systems for residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Our services include:  

  • Single TV aerial in a domestic dwelling  
  • Multi-room satellite TV systems  
  • Integrated reception systems (IRS) for commercial or communal buildings

For larger projects, Swansons fully trained television engineers provide an end-to-end service, which includes:  

  • An initial site survey to review your technical requirements  
  • A comprehensive design proposal  
  • Full site planning to ensure we deliver your solution to an agreed deadline 
  • Risk assessment and method statement  
  • First fix installation of receiving equipment 
  • Second fix installation of connection points  
  • Scheduled ongoing and responsive maintenance to ensure your system performs to the highest possible standard  
tv reception systems

WIFI & Networking 

Swansons data network engineers design, instal and support various Wi-Fi and networking solutions, including:  

  • Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7a data networks 
  • Fibre optic networks and backbones 
  • Wireless data networks  
  • Cross-building site links via radio or laser 

Swansons Wi-Fi and networking systems are verified using Fluke cable or fibre testing equipment and we can provide full documentation of these test results if required. We offer end-to-end maintenance packages to ensure your network infrastructure achieves its maximum performance.  

wifi and networking

Electrical installation and repairs

Swansons electricians offer a range of electrical installation and repair services, including:  

  • Electrical installation packages for commercial, industrial or residential properties  
  • PAT testing, Electrical Safety Test Certificates and EICR reports  
  •  Scheduled and responsive electrical maintenance services 
  • Data network cabling and communications 
  • Replacement fuse boards or fuse board maintenance 
electrical installation